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Resident talks about her life in Assisted Living.

Resident’s daughter indicates her experience with other facilities that were deficient in her view compared with Quaker Heights. She also tells how she found out about Quaker Heights and offers other comments.

Resident’s son speaks about his mother’s life and care at Quaker Heights. She originally was in Quaker Heights’ Health Care center for rehabilitation, and then later came to Assisted Living. States that initially, making the change was hard for his mother, but staff and management have made this a wonderful home. Mentions importance of support of friends and family through change.

Resident’s daughter speaks of the challenges of doing the right thing for your parent. She states that while her 90+ year old mother was not happy at first to move to assisted living, it was the right move and that her mother settled in and is now happy.

Resident’s daughter states “the weight of world has been lifted off my shoulders” from finding a place like Quaker Heights where her mother, who has Alzheimer’s, is happy. She is also featured in other short videos on this page commenting on her experience with other facilities.

Daughter of a resident with Alzheimer’s comments on her mother’s recent statement of why her mother likes living at Quaker Heights.

Resident’s sister tells why she thinks Quaker Heights is “an awesome facility” and that she visits almost daily. Mentions that her sister in one of the younger residents who has chronic health issues that must be carefully managed. Sister states that if and when she needs this type of care that she is “definitely coming to Quaker Heights.”

More Testimonials

“Before going to Quaker Heights for rehabilitation because of a hip replacement, I had issues-namely, food allergies and diabetes. I was very impressed that the staff from multiple departments were eager to meet with me prior to my stay and were willing to work out whatever I needed in order for my recovery to go smoothly. I arrived after my surgery and because of the continuous one-on-one personal help from the cooks and my room’s refrigerator and microwave, all of my dietary requirements were met. This, in itself, was a major accomplishment on the part of Quaker Heights’ dietary personnel and a big relief for me. Occupational Therapy showed me how to do everyday tasks in ways I had never before considered which in turn made things easier for me and conserved my energy. Physical Therapy taught me what I had stubbornly resisted in the past-that exercise is essential to my overall health and wellbeing AND actually helps relieve pain. Through the innovative and imaginative work of the PT therapists (even on weekends) and the OT therapists, I regained my ability to walk once again. I sincerely believe that had I gone home directly from the hospital rather than going to Quaker Heights, my healing process would have been greatly compromised and would have affected me not only physically, but emotionally as well. The care and kindness I received from everyone-Nurses, Aides, Dietary Personnel, Therapists, Activities Directors, Housekeeping, and Management Staff-made me feel more like a family member rather than that of a patient. And for that, I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend that you tell your friends and family to consider Quaker Heights for rehabilitation and, if possible, to financially help them. We all need to support places like this…places that are doing it right!“–Tanis Douglas, September 2016


“Both my wife and I feel so blessed to have found Quaker Heights Care Community. In the past year, I have had both knees surgically replaced an my wife had one hip replaced. I can’t say enough good things about the care we both received. The staff always treated us with the utmost respect, dignity, and professionalism. The healing atmosphere at Quaker Heights is always bright and cheerful. All the rooms have big, bright windows, allowing them to be even more cheerful. We always felt our healing and comfort were the most important things on everyone’s minds. The state of the art Physical Therapy room is second to none. The well-trained knowledgeable, and caring staff work tirelessly with you to get you back to 100% as soon as possible. We were so satisfied with both the Occupational and Physical therapy that we received while we were patients in the new Short-Term Care Facility, that we both returned to Quaker Heights for Outpatient Therapy. Our expectations were always surpassed. The Common Areas and the attractive outdoors areas were great places to spend time with visitors and family members. We have recommended Quaker Heights to several of our friends and relatives and you can be sure that if either of us ever requires such care in the future we will be back.”-James Lorz, August 2016

“After a cycling accident had left me with a fractured collar bone, 4 fractured ribs, a fractured pelvis, a fractured sacrum, and the inability to walk more than 2 steps at a time, I spent 17 days at Quaker Heights. I found the care, support, and comfort there to be better than I could have ever imagined. The PT/OT that I received daily was consistent, thorough, and very productive. The nursing and support staff were extremely friendly, caring, and always made me feel at home. I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about my stay.” -Alan Stutes, August 2016

Hats off to the Quaker Heights Short Term Rehab Care Facility! Following my total knee replacement, I had the opportunity to convalesce within their warm, home-like atmosphere. The large private rooms, dining area, living room, and porches were very attractive and well maintained. The staff was friendly and very professional. Even the cooks and hospitality workers went out of their way to make my stay pleasant. The rehab therapists had me exercising immediately under their trained supervision, and I was able to return home in less than 10 days with the aid of a cane. Thank you for your help!-Margaret Thoma, July 2016

I just can’t put into words how very much your comfort and care of my mom for the last 5-1/2 years has meant to our family, and so much more importantly, to Mom.  You are such an amazing group of people, and I hope you know how much you are appreciated!

Quaker Heights was truly “home” to Mom and you were all part of her family.  Through all of her quirkiness and special needs, you were patient, understanding, and kind, and I know kept her in her AL apartment much, much longer than was even reasonable.

I would love to name names and cite particular acts of kindness, but I’d surely inadvertently leave someone out and that would be awful, so I’m sending this to the entire staff … nurses, companions, administrators, kitchen staff, maintenance, and anyone else that touched Mom’s life over the years (and mine too!!!).  You have been just so outstanding and all helped make the last years of her life as comfortable as possible.  Unless you’ve been in the position, I don’t know if you realize what peace of mind it gives a loved one’s family to know that they are so well-cared for by such good people.

Please know that you all will forever hold a special place in my heart and have my eternal thanks for touching our family the way that you have.

With many thanks from the bottom of my heart,
Kathy Hale

“I have a lot of experience with care facilities in this area over the years for members of my family. Plus, my father was a physician and my mother was a nurse. Mother now has been in a care facility for nine years. I’ve researched and experienced a lot, so I believe my expectations are reasonable and informed.

Quaker Heights is my mother’s third care home and this is the absolute best! One of the other two facilities was very good, and I’ve heard it’s the only five star place around, but I truly believe Quaker Heights is so much better! EVERYONE is so wonderfully involved with Mother and me, from the dietary and laundry, staff, nurses and therapists to the department heads and administrators. Many more people here go above and beyond than my experience with other places. They interact so well and follow through. It’s evident they truly care.”
—Judy Swanson Smith, Waynesville, OH   2014

Mark and I just wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for the staff at Quaker Heights.  We hope that the employees know that it is noticed when they give someone a hug, a kiss or tell them that they love them.  I know it meant a lot to us when we heard them do this with my mom so I cannot imagine what it is like for the residents who do not have family or regular visitors.

Then there was today when I received the call.  The Unit Manager was so caring on the phone and then when I got to the facility the outpouring of care and concern I received was so heart felt from everyone and I couldn’t thank them enough.  We have nothing but positive things to say about you guys so please keep up the good work and may God bless everyone who blesses these people’s lives by taking care of them.

With Sincere Gratitude,
Mark and Jane Newkirk
Wilmington, Ohio

“Whatever they did in Ohio, tell them to keep it up!” Words from my new Orthopedic Surgeon. He had nothing but good things to say about my recovery.
—Emily Person, Short-Term Care Resident Fall 2015