Memorial and Tribute Gifts

When a loved one passes away at Quaker Heights, some families show gratitude for their good experiences here by listing our organization’s name in the obituary. They may suggest that donations be made to Quaker Heights Foundation in memory of their loved one. If you wish to do this, we can provide you or the funeral home with donation envelopes. (Please contact Sydney McBride at 513-897-6050 or email her at

Some families choose to start a fund within the Quaker Heights Foundation in memory of a relative who was cared for here or for an employee who worked here. They may designate these funds to be used in certain ways that would have pleased their loved one and that also fit Quaker Heights’ needs. In some circumstances, we can maintain a perpetual fund—to which people can continue to add money—within the Quaker Heights Foundation. If you would like to start a memorial fund, please contact Sydney McBride at 513-897-6050 or

Others wish to honor or pay tribute to a living person for an accomplishment and may give to us because we are one of the honoree’s favorite charities. If you would like to do this, you may send a check or use our secure online credit card feature in this site.