Showing Appreciation for QH Caregivers by Giving To LGMF

Linda Gilbert FundSometimes residents or their families want to give gifts to individual employees. While this is kind-hearted, staff cannot accept because it violates the federal HIPAA regulations and thus can jeopardize QHCC’s Medicare and Medicaid funding.   Residents, families and guardians may give gifts that benefit staff in general. Examples: Contributing to the equipment purchases that assist staff work or adds to their comfort during their break times or gifts of food or flowers that are for all or a particular unit.

You also may give to The Linda Gilbert Memorial Employee Assistance Fund (LGMF) and name the staff member for whom your gift is a tribute.  Linda Gilbert was a beloved QHCC nurse aide who died suddenly in February 2003, leaving a legacy of steadfast, compassionate care and dedication to QHCC.  The fund gives loans or grants (loans are interest-free and grants are not repaid) to employees who have experienced a catastrophic event, resulting in financial hardship.  Funds have been given toward cancer treatments, rent payment due to a spouse being laid off from work, for replacing goods after a fire, and for other needs.  Names of givers, and persons being honored, will appear in our web site Contributors page.