Using Quaker Heights Community (Meeting) Room

We have a large room for resident and staff activities that we also make available for use by residents’ families, local nonprofit groups and others.

This room is accessed most easily by the Edwards Road entrance and is located just inside the administration area doors to the right.

Maximum occupancy in the community room is 150 people for meeting or auditorium style set-up; 100 people for round table set up.

The room is carpeted, with a number of windows, has a vaulted ceiling and living room-type furniture along the walls for conversational groupings. There is also a grand piano. A microphone/sound system is available as well as a film screen. Adjacent to the room is a small kitchenette with sink, counter space, coffee makers and full size refrigerator. There is no stove.

Click here for the policies, rental rates and agreement for using this room.

For more information on this space and its availability, please contact Director of Activities Tami Linville, 513-897-6050, ext. 130.