Skilled Care

Quaker Heights Care Community’s Skilled Nursing Health Care Center offers the following services:

Post Acute Care

People often stay with us for restorative care (including therapy, if ordered) after a hospitalization so that they may become stronger to return to their homes. They reside in our 600 Hall which can be directly accessed from our parking lot on the Miami Road side of the building. The post acute 600 hall may also be accessed via our larger entrances—either the Administration/Assisted Living entrance or the Heath Care Center/High Street entrance.

Physical, occupational and speech therapies are conducted throughout our facility according to the individuals own treatment plan.

Besides routine nursing care, we also offer the short-stay or long-term resident: IV therapy; specialized wound care; trach care; management of chronic diseases such as COPD, Diabetes and CHF; pain management; and tube feeding. Short-stay care residents also can participate in crafts and other activities if they wish and are able.

Long-Term Skilled Care

Residents live in our Health Care Center when their chronic health situations no longer can be addressed well by family, friends or other helpers. Our dedicated staff has a reputation for delivering a high standard of care and compassion. Residents are assisted daily by the same State Tested Nursing Aides (STNAs), which helps to build better relationships. This helps residents feel understood and supported. It also improves the staff member’s knowledge of and sensitivity toward the resident’s physical, mental and emotional health. Long-term care residents enjoy three meals a day (in dining room or through room service), laundry, housekeeping and activities. Some long term care residents who are able also join assisted living residents on weekly outings.

Our care is routinely evaluated by state and other impartial organizations. We also meet with residents (if they are able) and their families in care conferences and in resident and family councils to discuss their needs, wants and interests.

Besides regular nursing care, we also offer the short-term or long-term resident: IV therapy; specialized wound care; trach care; management of chronic diseases such as COPD, Diabetes and CHF; pain management; and tube feeding.

Memory Care

We respect our residents for who they once were and we love them now for who they are. Alzheimer’s is an irreversible and degenerative disease which affects each resident differently. Our staff is trained in behavior management and at recognizing stress, fear and agitation in our individual residents. Because we know our residents so well, we recognize the attention each individual needs to feel relaxed. Quaker Heights memory care unit (500 Hall) is calm, gentle and supportive.

As our Memory Care residents’ awareness and condition move through the stages of disease, our care adjusts to accommodate these changes while we continue to focus on how we may bring pleasure to each resident, each day. This includes creative and physical activities designed and led by our certified Activities staff. When palliative care is necessary, we comfortably and caringly provide it. Memory Care Unit rates include meals, laundry, housekeeping and social activities.

Proud to be a part of the Music and Memory program!

Respite Care

Many people care for their loved ones at home. Sometimes caregivers wish to go on vacation or take other time away. When this need arises, guardians may call us to see if we are able to take over their loved one’s care in our facility while they are gone. We admit respite residents in Assisted Living, Health Care, or our Memory Unit.

Please contact us 513-897-6050.