Living Space and Personal Belongings

We encourage residents to decorate their apartments and rooms in ways that make them feel at home. Residents may have a reasonable amount of possessions in their rooms or apartments unless doing so would infringe on the rights of other residents or would not be medically advisable as documented in the resident’s medical record by the attending physician.

Furniture. Assisting living residents bring their own furniture. Beds, chests of drawers, wardrobes and night stands are provided in Skilled Health Care rooms. Familiar and comfortable chairs may be brought in if they are flame retardant, water repellant, and not worn, damaged or soiled.

Residents who like to frequently use the telephone should have one installed (by the phone provider that services Quaker Heights) in their rooms for their personal use. Residents (or their legal guardians) will receive monthly service bills from the telephone company. The business office will give you information on installing a phone.

Residents may have their own televisions. We do not provide them in individual rooms, but there is a television in our activity room, in our Health Care Center, that anyone can watch. Cable hookups are in each room and apartment. We can provide you with a connection cord. Health Care Center skilled care residents do not pay for basic cable TV service but Assisted Living residents are billed on their monthly Quaker Heights statement.

Housekeeping for Assisted Living apartments and Health Care rooms is included in the daily rate. Independent Living residents handle their own housekeeping unless they choose to purchase services from us or other providers.

Laundry for Assisted Living and Health Care (skilled nursing) residents is included in daily rate.

Sleeping Schedules. Residents may choose when they rise and go to bed.


  • Hallways and common areas are under video surveillance but resident rooms are private. These procedures are designed to help protect our residents, families and staff.
  • Health Care rooms do not have door locks. Assisted Living apartments do. Sometimes we must access apartments to assist residents, make repairs or do basic housekeeping.

Rehabilitation Therapy is On Site. Based on their doctors’ requests or suggestions, residents work with our physical therapists to maintain wellness and increase mobility. Occupational and speech therapies are also available.