Grand Opening Celebration!

Quaker Heights Care Community celebrated the Grand Opening of their short-term care and rehabilitation unit on October 21st. Overall, it was an exciting day accompanied by beautiful weather. There were an estimated 200 people who made their way through the new wing that day enjoying blues, BBQ, and Artwork. The Board of Trustees began the work of planning for a new short term care rehab wing with a new rehab gym in 2008. They were very intentional in their research, design process, and funding. After many years of effort, there is a wonderful new facility to serve our community. We extend gratitude and appreciation for all those who helped Quaker Heights achieve this dream. It takes courage and dedication to remain patient and steadfast in the journey to build a new wing. This Grand Opening was an opportunity to affirm the organization’s commitment to provide high quality care with state of the art equipment and private suites. Lastly, Quaker Heights owes a huge debt of gratitude to Eugenia Mills for donating her extraordinary artwork.056001