Eight-Year Old Honored for Her Giving Spirit

Eight-Year Old Honored for Her Giving SpiritFebruary 13th, Madison Lowe, third grader at Waynesville Elementary School, was honored by Quaker Heights Care Community Executive Director Wendy Waters-Connell in front of the Wayne Local Schools Board of Education members “for her initiative, compassion, commitment, and generosity in raising funds to help Quaker Heights residents.”

“Madison is truly an example of our organization’s creed which is love made visible by service, ” said Ms. Waters-Connell. She told Madison’s story that has inspired Quaker Heights staff, trustees and residents.

“Last year, Madison performed for our residents in a school play and was drawn to our elders. This past fall, on her own, she decided to set up a stand in her yard to sell her artwork and bottles of water to joggers and anyone else passing
by. She made a cardboard sign listing her price and that the money would be donated to Quaker Heights. Some of her
customers asked her what Quaker Heights was and she told them, “It’s a place where nice old people live.”

Madison’s mother, Michelle Lowe, said “She was at her stand all day. Part of her sales pitch was ‘buy art for 25 cents and get a bottle of water free.’ Some people were extra generous. When her sale was over, she wanted to be sure we took the money, $13.15, right over to Quaker Heights.” Madison said she’d like to continue helping Quaker Heights and would enjoy reading to residents with vision problems.

Besides Wayne Local Schools Board of Education members, also present for Madison’s recognition were her parents,
Michelle and Chris Lowe, her brother Morgan, and Waynesville Elementary School Principal Jean Hartman.