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Memorial Meeting for Residents Who Have Passed in Past 12 Months

In November, families and friends of residents who have passed away in the past 12 months, as well as QHCC administration and other residents, attended a memorial meeting in... QHCC Community Room. Lonny Burger facilitated the memorial. The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) holds as the basis of its faith the belief that every human being is endowed with the Divine Spirit, which may be directly experienced. The manner of worship is an outgrowth of this belief. Friends gather in quiet assemblies, mindful of the words, “Be still, and know that I am God.” They come together in reverent silence with the desire to draw nearer to God and to understand God’s will. For Friends, a memorial meeting is similar in many ways to a meeting for worship. It is not only a time for sharing … [Read more...]

QHCC Holds Holiday Dinner for Residents and Their Families

On the evening of Thursday, December 12th, several hundred people—residents, short-stay patients and two family members for each—dined together at Quaker Heights while singers, pianists and bands entertained.  Four buffets were set up throughout the building and residents and guests were served and assisted to their tables set with linens, china, glassware and floral centerpieces.  Quaker Heights’ board trustees and committee members helped greet and serve along with administration staff and members of the Health Care Services Group staff.  Presiding Clerk (board president) Eugenia Mills annually takes photographs of those who have given permission and then crafts a photo collage in poster form for each resident. … [Read more...]

Showing Appreciation for QH Caregivers by Giving To LGMF

Sometimes residents or their families want to give gifts to individual employees. While this is kind-hearted, staff cannot accept because it violates the federal HIPAA regulations and thus can jeopardize QHCC’s Medicare and Medicaid funding.   Residents, families and guardians may give gifts that benefit staff in general. Examples: Contributing to the equipment purchases that assist staff work or adds to their comfort during their break times or gifts of food or flowers that are for all or a particular unit. You also may give to The Linda Gilbert Memorial Employee Assistance Fund (LGMF) and name the staff member for whom your gift is a tribute.  Linda Gilbert was a beloved QHCC nurse aide who died suddenly in February 2003, leaving a legacy of steadfast, compassionate care and … [Read more...]

Construction to Start Summer 2014 for New Wing

The new wing, with private small apartments and a state of the art therapy gym will be accessible from Miami Street (close to the old Friends Boarding Home which is now a museum).  We also will be able to convert some of our existing semi-private rooms to private. These are in demand.  Our current therapy gym is very small and busy with not only our residents/short-stay patients but also with those coming for outpatient therapy. Because some like to leave a legacy of a building, room or a garden named in their honor, QHCC is developing these opportunities and others for this new structure.  Funds donated would go toward paying off the HUD loan.  Contact Lisa Gooding (513-897-6628; for more information. … [Read more...]