Our Mission and Values

Quaker Heights Care Community is a ministry of the Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting of Quakers. Our philosophy honors that of God within. In doing so, Quaker Heights is a place where love is made visible by service.

Our Mission: We help elders and chronically ill persons optimize their overall life quality by attending to their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. We care for residents, their friends, families, and each other. Treating them with honor, respect, reverence, and love based on the Quaker values of integrity, equality, harmony and simplicity. By striving to understand and live these values, Quakers align the inward journey of faith with outward action.

Equality — Respect and Dignity
“Seeking the light within” requires that all are treated with respect and dignity. Honor the Golden Rule and treat others as you wish to be treated. In our desire to be inclusive and not make assumptions, we do our best to treat others as they wish to be treated. We celebrate and value the diversity of our community. We resist programs based on artificial distinctions such as race, class, physical abilities, and wealth. We believe in the concept of a “single human family” whose members are equally important and equally connected.

Integrity—Decisions and Opportunities
We respect independence and autonomy for all. Residents are free to make choices on their daily care and dining schedules, as well as for their other needs and interests. We believe all people have strengths and capabilities and we are committed to person-centered care.

Simplicity—The Human Family
We honor the divine in others through honest interactions. We take time to listen and understand in order to build “family” with our residents, their families and friends and with each other.

Harmony—Coming Together
Our programs are designed to develop feelings of kinship. Cultivating goodwill and understanding help create an environment in which all persons have an opportunity to learn and grow, where the skills and unique experiences of each person brings added life to the community.