2011 Survey Results are Excellent

The Ohio Department of Health entered Quaker Heights Care Community on August 2nd, 2011, for our annual health care survey and life safety survey. The Ohio Department of Health comes here unannounced one week out of each year to inspect our building. The surveyor’s job is to make sure the facility is meeting all aspects of our resident’s needs including nursing, dietary, social services and activities. While in our building, surveyors reviewed and observed staff, residents, charts and care.

We are pleased to announce that Quaker Heights had another excellent survey in August 2011. We strive for excellence every day and we are very pleased with the outcome of this survey. The staff at Quaker Heights takes pride in the quality of care provided to the residents who consider Quaker Heights their home.

For more information regarding our community or to schedule a tour, please contact Teresa Hartman, Director of Admissions and Social Services, at hartmant@quakerheights.org or 513-897-6050.