• Where Love is Made Visible…

    “My caregivers are like family. They care about understanding me and what I like.”

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  • Where Love is Made Visible…

    “It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders when I found Quaker Heights…even more when Mother said she was happy here.”

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  • Where Love is Made Visible…

    “There’s always something to do. Games, singers, bands… people who bring their pets to cuddle…”

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  • Where Love is Made Visible…

    “It’s nice to be with people my own age. We help each other remember good times and enjoy today.”

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  • Where Love is Made Visible…

    “I was not happy at another place. It’s different here. People act like they care, I’m not just their job.”

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  • Where Love is Made Visible…

    “If I can’t visit as often as I’d like, I don’t worry because I know Mom will still get the attention she needs.”

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We were founded by the Quakers in 1905, as a charitable institution caring for elders, with the beliefs that all should be treated with dignity and that "there is that of God in each of us."

Because we strive to live the Quaker values of integrity, equality, harmony and simplicity, our residents and their families feel respected, loved and at home. Many tell us that we become part of their family. Over the years, we often care for multiple family members because they "would not think of going anywhere else."